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Movies of X-Pac in action.

Filename Details Size
xpactitantron.ra X-Pac's Titantron. 1.05mb
dxtitantron.ra DX old Titantron 1.22mb
xpkanebronco.ra X-Pac and Kane tear apart HHH & Test 585kb
xpowen.ra X-Pac hits Owen Hart with fire extinquisher! 42kb
dxradio.ra DX have fun! *CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE* 65kb
xpbronco.avi X-Pac Bronco Buster.(Brill JR commentary) 383kb
xppowerbomb.avi X-Pac powerbombs JJ 310kb
xpfactorba.avi X-Pac X-factors Mr Ass 849kb
xpfactordogg.avi X-Pac counters with the X-Factor 949kb

Animated GIF's

Animated GIF's of X-Pac in action. Wait a while for them to load up!

Filename Details Size
dxfireworksani.gif The Old DX enterance. EXCELLENT 83kb
dxlogoani.gif DX logo in motion. 98kb
xpbroncoani.gif Moving Bronco Buster 402kb
xpchopani.gif SUCK IT! 19kb
xpguitarani.gif X-Pac hits JJ with his guitar. 309kb
xppowerbombani.gif X-Pac hits JJ with a powerbomb 129kb
xpsuckitani.gif SUCK IT AGAIN! 50kb